Certified Room Integrity Testing

No matter how well a Gas Extinguishing System is designed, occasionally the system fails to work as intended due to the ‘integrity’ of the protected room or its ability to hold the Extinguishing Agent.

Testing the ‘integrity’ of the room is vital to ensure that your protected area is well sealed and your gas agent will not escape before it can put out the fire or perhaps allowing the fire to re-ignite.

Room Integrity Testing service from Sealand Resources is cost effective and environmentally friendly. No Gas Discharge is required and there is minimal disruption to operations in the room protected. It is independent of the type of system and manufacturer used for the room and is computerized based for accurate detection of gaps and leaks in the room.

Our Test Engineers are certified to carry out these tests to ensure reliability in the results and effectiveness of the Gas Extinguishing System installed. We provide a detailed report after the test for your records, in compliance with NFPA standards.