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sealand resources

Commercial & Residential Buildings

Sealand Resources has supplied complete Fire Detection and Alarm Solutions for Commercial Buildings, Government Residential Projects, Condominiums, Offices, Factories, and Shophouses. We market and stock a full range of devices for Smoke, Beam, and Heat Detectors, Manual Call Points and Pull Stations, as well as, Alarm Bells and Beacons. Our team of engineers can design, program, and support both Conventional and Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.

Pyrogard Conventional Control Panels

Pyrogard Addressable Control Panels

Conventional and Addressable Smoke Detectors

Manual Call Points and Pull Stations

Alarm Bells and Beacons

High Sensitivity Smoke Detector (HSSD)

Battery Operated Smoke Detectors

Manual Pull Stations

Beam Detectors

Conventional and Addressable Heat Detectors